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In 2002 we decided to quit private home’s decor and expanded our activity towards production, trade (including export and import) and the range of services.


We started production of wooden and wood based advertising materials, designing and production of professional clothing for HoReCa, furnishings, equipment and accessories for various businesses: menu boards, stands, dispensers, mats/liners on a dime, bar&pub mats, garden umbrellas, clothing and gadgets along with brand management.


In 2008 we expanded the range of our activity once more providing more services such as styling of commercialized interiors and production of merchandising materials: advertizing platforms, casket prices, marketing information and other creative visualization materials.


We have been extremely successful in all areas of our business and we intend to do so in the future.


We have been working out innovative technological solutions, some of which we have decided to protect with the patent.